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Boarding Arrangements

A pilot ladder is required
on all arriving vessels.

It shall be rigged in accordance with IMO specifications and I.M.P.A. recommendations.

Visit the "Pilot Ladder" page for a diagram of a proper pilot ladder.

  1. ⓐ Vessel speed should be about 6 knots unless otherwise directed by the pilot.
  2. ⓑ Head the vessel so that the pilot may embark or disembark on the lee side, away from the seas.
  3. ⓒ Rig the pilot ladder with spreaders in accordance with SOLAS Regulations.
  4. ⓓ The ladder must be in good order.
  5. ⓔ Position the ladder approximately 1.5 to 2.0 meters. Allow no slack in the ladder on deck.
  6. ⓕ No boat rope or man ropes are required
  7. ⓖ No line or hooks shall be attached to the foot of the ladder.
  8. ⓗ At night, provide a brilliant light shining forward, and so as not to shine into the pilot boat operator's eyes, to illuminate the ladder.
  9. ⓘ Attend the ladder with an officer equipped with a radiotelephone to communicate with the ship's bridge. Provide an escort to and from the bridge.