Boardin Arrangements

A pilot ladder is required on all arriving vessels. It shall be rigged in accordance with IMO specifications and I.M.P.A. recommendations. Visit the "Pilot Ladder" page for a diagram of a proper pilot ladder.

Vessel speed should be about 6 knots unless otherwise directed by the pilot.
Head the vessel so that the pilot may embark or disembark on the lee side, away from the seas.
Rig the pilot ladder with spreaders in accordance with SOLAS Regulations.
The ladder must be in good order.
Position the ladder approximately 1.5 to 2.0 meters.
Allow no slack in the ladder on deck.
No boat rope or man ropes are required
No line or hooks shall be attached to the foot of the ladder.
At night, provide a brilliant light shining forward, and so as not to shine into
the pilot boat operator's eyes, to illuminate the ladder.
Attend the ladder with an officer equipped with a radiotelephone to
communicate with the ship's bridge. Provide an escort to and from the